Monday, July 13, 2009

Ok I am finally finished!!! I was a bit worried since I broke my USB drive while working in webnode. So I had to wing it a bit with my images. Obviously FrontPage would not be my first choice. Not having this class I could have figured out how to build a website on webnode, but never on Frontpage.
My websites are similar but I added a couple more things to the webnode site. I was able to add two links under pets to about: Dogs and Cats. I thought that was neat. It was also a bit harder to change some of the font and colors from the templates on webnode and I was unable to add my paw prints like I had on Frontpage.
I added more pages then necessary on Webnode, mostly becasue they were already there and only needed to be tweeked a bit.
This class was an amazing way to end at Albright. I have had the opportunity to learn from various instructors that share a passion for the program. Lee has been an amazing guide through my education and experience here at Albright.
Oh and by the way the name of my website is:

Thanks for everything!

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