Monday, June 22, 2009

This weeks assignment was a bit challenging for me considering that I missed last week. I am quite pleased that with a some help I was able to not only complete my project, but I actually understand it. The topic this weeks reading kind of reminds me of that picture game that you play at bars. You are looking for all that is wrong with the image, just like we are for the web sites. This class has definitely made me more critical to almost every ad or site that I see. I gives you a different perspective and sometimes I feel almost compelled to let the company know what they are doing wrong. Thank goodness I have refrained from such behavior.

Here are my web sites that I choose to list.
Sirius is a site that I use often. I took we a while to be comfortable with navigation, but once I figured out where I wanted to go each time I had not problem. For new subscribers it is very informative and quite easy to find. Some of the ads are a bit overbearing, but state their point. The text is easy to read and understand and one is able to find the information that is needed to join.
I am a huge Rachel Ray fan but find the web site quite busy. Although the links are in order on the top of the page, I think that I could have been done a bit more stylish. The color scheme is boring and below the links it is hard to follow. Rachel is best known for her recipe's, but is not not easy to find a particular one.

When I create my site I might start out a bit basic only to avoid a cluttered mess.

See ya next week!

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