Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 2 Blog

It is never a good idea to post or attach any image without making sure it will be suitable for the person receiving or viewing the image. There are various key points to consider before sending images here are just a few:

Make sure that you image is presented in the proper format: Which would be ppi for computer images and dpi for printer images.

Compression ratios play an important role. The ratio is determined on the image itself. The example listed in one of the articles compared an image of the blue sky to an image of a bird. The image of the sky can have increased compression ratios since it is mostly just one color. The bird image would use decreased compression ration to avoid blocking image pattern.

Color on the web consists of much more then I ever thought possible. To list some that were discussed color theory, psychology, models, wheels and management. Using limited color schemes does not mean that the site will be dull. If used properly the site can be quite catch appealing.

Croping an image can be important depending on the size of image one would like to send. Some images appear sharper and nicer with the size reduced.

Choosing the proper format for you image is very import depending who is viewing it and where they are viewing it. Images with gif are limited to the amount of colors and are more effective for scanned images.
Jpeg is a color compression image technique. It reduces files to about 5% of their original file size. The only problem is that more that you compress the more image that is lost.

Also reading about the scanner was quite interesting the various details that are used to obtain a scanned image is quite impressive. I never really thought it was that quite involved.

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