Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 1 Web Design:

Graphic design holds quite an importance in both web and print design. I never really thought that there was much of a difference other then one was printed on a piece of paper or card and the other just viewed on the web. But the capabilities differ quite substantially. Because of the increased amount of computer use web design plays a important role for corporate development. Most corporations have extensive sites that allow one to gain access or information at the click of their mouse. Print design only lets the viewer see what is on the paper. The viewer must make extra steps to find out additional information. Web design also offers a wide array of images and colors that one can develop themselves. With print design you are limited to your color choices as well as images and content. Both have a place in society but web design is growing considerbly.

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  1. Growing indeed, sometimes I'm amazed that people even use print anymore. See you in a bit.